Covid 19 Policy

The staff at Healthy Trails Vending takes our customer’s health and safety very seriously. With all the
uncertainty in the world today, it is important that you, our customer, feel comfortable using our
service. We have designed our policies and procedures to ensure our products and equipment provide
the safest and most secure experience possible.
First, all our products are individually wrapped and sealed for freshness and safety against foreign
substances. Before placing any product into the machine, our staff inspects each item to be sure no
seals have been broken. In addition, all our products are purchased from large suppliers with equal
safety policies and procedures.
Second, each time we service the machine, our team cleans the machine thoroughly including the high-frequency contact areas. Our goal is to remove any and all foreign bacteria that may be present.verona airport transfers
The cleanliness of machines is one of our best characteristics according to our customers.
Third, until there is no longer a threat of Covid 19, each day, our staff will be tested for fever before
beginning their workday in order to eliminate any possible threat of spreading the virus.
With these policies and procedures, using the vending machine may be the safest way to satisfy your
hunger. Thank you for your continued support.

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