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A Convenient and Healthy option for your Employees and Customers.

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The vending machines that our clients will receive are some of the best on the market and feature modern amenities. Apple Pay, along with other easy methods of payment, are accepted by the machines. Employees and customers will be able to easily use the machines and quickly get their healthy snacks with the machines that we provide.


Compact design allows it to fit in well in any setting


Accepts $1’s & 5’s


Multi-vend capability


Accepts Debit & Credit Cards


Easy to operate


Our machines are always well stocked
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Healthy Choices for Snacks & more!

We have a wide variety of healthy snacks that can be chosen and customized for your needs. In order to make sure that your employees and customers can be pleased and healthy, we will provide a selection of healthy snacks based entirely on your choices.

South West Missouri and other Missouri areas are where Healthy Trails Vending has a strong market reach, and we would like to expand in order to make sure that more areas have access to healthy snacks. Many kinds of locations, such as schools, Government offices, businesses, dealerships, and community centers, are all served by us. Contact us if you want to give your business or community the chance to snack on something healthy!

Why Choose Healthy trails Vending?


In the state of Missouri, our healthy vending firm is one with an exceptionally fast growth rate. Businesses, organizations, and schools can be glad to know that we proudly offer various healthy snacks and beverages.
So, what sets us apart from the competition?


How are we different from other companies?

At your convenience, you can quickly get healthy snacks
There will be a wide range of nutrient rich snacks that your employees and customers can access easily when you partner with us. All of your vending machines will have the snacks you want, YOU TELL US WHAT YOU WANT!
Anything that you want your employees and customers to have can be placed in the vending machines we provide. This includes healthy snacks, or the more traditional ones.

The machines provided by Healthy Trails Vending are ones with a modern design. Apple Pay, Cash, and Credit Cards are all payment options that are enabled in the vending machines. Local servicing can be done quickly if anything ever goes wrong with the vending machines.

The vending industry has been turned upside down due to us, because Healthy Trails Vending has become a name that is synonymous with healthy vending. Traditional snacks are the usual focus of other firms, but healthy beverages and snacks are our main focus. No matter what your preferences are, we will provide the machines and snacks that you want.
We have vending machines with the latest and greatest technology, and they have user-friendly programming to make things easier for the customer.
We work diligently to solve any vending machine problems quickly, which has caused us to gain quite a reputation for offering some of the best customer service among companies.

Use credit cards, cash, Android Pay, or Apple pay to pay for items
Purchase a single item or multiple items on a single session
Before buying a snack, you can look at the calories it has
Make a more informed snack choice by easily browsing all of the items in the machine

We can tell when your vending machine needs a refill by looking at the purchases made from it. You’ll be happy, and so will your customers because the machine will always be stocked.

Healthy Trails Vending News & Blog

Covid 19 Policy

March 13, 2020
The staff at Healthy Trails Vending takes our customer’s health and safety very seriously. With all the uncertainty in the world today, it is important that you, our customer, feel Read More →

Why our customers switched to Healthy Trails Vending!

January 4, 2020
This is the story of why one of our best customers switched to Healthy Trails Vending: We approached a large behavioral health hospital regarding their vending program. They agreed to Read More →

Healthy trails proudly serves the South West Missouri area

call us right now at (417) 344-FOOD (3663)

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