Why our customers switched to Healthy Trails Vending!

This is the story of why one of our best customers switched to Healthy Trails Vending:

We approached a large behavioral health hospital regarding their vending program. They agreed to meet with us because they were having some challenges with their current vendor. The challenges they were experiencing included the following:vrn airport

Their fresh food machine would break down on a regular basis causing a lack of confidence with the availability as well as the freshness and safety of the products available.

The vendor only serviced the machine once per week allowing the inventory to get very low early in the week.

The location was consistently running out of several products and they asked for them to add additional products to keep this from happening. It to the vendor over a year to resolve the issue.

The vendor would not make product recommendations and offer what the customers desired.

Our program has resolved all of their concerns with the following resolutions:

We service the machines three times per week to keep them full and clean.

Our machines let us know when there is a problem so we can resolve it immediately and not have to wait till the next time we arrive.

We installed a new state of the art equipment that has proved to have a very high-reliability rate.

We take suggestions from our customers, and if we can source it and vend it, we will try it.

Our fresh food machines have safety features that prevent spoiled food from being served should there be a power outage or some other kind of machine failure so the customer can rest assured our offerings are as fresh and safe as they can be.

At Healthy Trails Vending, we offer not only state of the art equipment, but we also offer state of the art customer service!

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